Club Rates & Group Discounts.

For group bookings of six or more vehicles.

Extra benefits include;
Choose your own dates.
Choose your own itinerary.
Choose your own level of difficulty.
A tailor made tour for you and your friends…with a discounted price!

Are you an off-roading enthusiast who likes to spend the weekend green-laning or trailing with your friends in your local 4x4 club? Do you enjoy the camaraderie of spending the day doing things with people who share the same interests as you? And are you also just a little bored of driving the same old routes, seeing the same scenery and ending up at the same pub every time?

Do you wish that perhaps the horizons were just a little bit broader and that you were actually going somewhere rather than just driving in circles?


Imagine spending 10 days driving through the Croatian lakes and woods, or even the vast endless forests of Russia with your off-roading buddies. Spend the days travelling through medieval cities, haggling for souvenirs in ancient villages, trying some of the amazingly cheap local liquors then having a wood-smoke sauna in traditional banya. In the evenings you can sit around a campfire in the wild, or in a cosy inn sipping warm, honeyed beer.

We can make the route as hard as you like, or just keep it scenic and spend more time sight-seeing. it's your decision.

For any further information please phone on 07919 070560 or email