All of our routes have been extensively researched and driven many times over the years, but as the very nature of the roads we are driving is ‘rough’ conditions may change between one tour and the next. One track that was easy one week, may be completely washed away the next, so although I will give you as much information about the route before hand, all of them are subject to the condition we find them on. The same applies to any other unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected closures due to foresting, fallen tress and rocks and snow.

We will reserve all of your accommodation for you on the tour so that you will always have somewhere to drive straight to everyday, but the hotels/ campsites have absolutely nothing to do with World 4x4 Adventures. We will of course help you if you have any complaint and will never use that particular place again, but we cannot be responsible for anything that happens.

By signing up to any of our tours you agree that you are in good enough physical condition to be able to take part and have declared any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurance company.

All reasonable attempts to find routes suitable for the vehicles and people on our tours will be taken, but unfortunately World 4x4 Adventures cannot accept any liability for any damage to your vehicle while on our tours. We will be driving off-road through the countryside, so some damage to paintwork caused by overhanging trees, and wheel rims by rocks in the road, for example, is quite likely.

You also accept that when you are driving your vehicle (or a hired one) that you are fully responsible for it's operation and the passengers inside and that if you are uncomfortable about a particular route or section you must say so before you attempt to drive it, so that an alternative can be found.