Feedback From Past Tour Members

"Back home now and looking over the photographs of the holiday, I just wanted to say a big thank you again for such a cracking holiday. Sharon and I had an excellent time - an off road holiday which encompassed everything I could want from a trip like this. Your knowledge of the culture and area really brought the place to life. I can understand your love of Croatia. Sat at home in the comfort of my couch with a glass of wine I remember you telling us at the start of the trip of your favourite day and I have to agree, driving the tracks with cent of fresh herbs filling the air and the stunning view miles away from anywhere was certainly an excellent day. Though for me, I thought it was above and beyond the call of duty to put all those fallen trees and enormous rocks in our way on a couple of the tracks in the forest! hahahaha. Wonderful adventure, planning to join you in Russia next year all being well." Thanks again, Mark and Sharon

"I have done three tours in Croatia now with Robb Pritchard (look for the red Landcruiser in 'Past Tours')), and like Greg and Heather I plan on going to Artic Russia with him in 2011. I have found him to be a very likable and laid back person in regards to what his friends (that is how he looks on people on his tours) want from a tour, as he says "It is your holiday, I will adjust things for your benefit" His knowledge of interesting places to see and of the tracks in Croatia is immense, and there are no stages that don't have an alternative route for those who doubt their ability, but with Robb's guidance you will try them. I would confidently follow him anywhere!)" Thanks for everything Robb, Chas Spencer

"Robb can only be described as "genuine". The pictures you have seen only give you 5% of what the man is capable of. You will have the time of your life, in a places that beggar belief. You will enjoy your time with Robb and his crew. Watch out for the Brandy though. ;o)" Jim.

"Thank you again for the most fantastic holiday. We had simply the best of times. We really appreciated your confident and flexible approach, and especially the way that you made sure we each of us got what we wanted from our holiday. We loved the off road driving, the countryside, the people and all the places we got to see. We thought that Croatia was a beautiful country and that with your knowledge we got to see the best of it. Looking forward to meeting up again soon and thanks again for the most wonderful holiday." Kind regards Rachel and Charlie.

"A very BIG BIG BIG thank you to Robb and Paul for the amazing weekend, as this was my first off-road adventure i was quite nervous about going as nobody knew me including the guys & girl that i came up with, but as i drove up the hill and near to the campsite i knew this was going to be a superb weekend. With in 10 mins of arriving i was made ot feel welcome by every one,30 mins later sitting around mr holloways & 25% camp fire i felt i had known everyone for sometime and that i was amongst some great friends. the site was top notch and the sat night green laning was the dogs b,s so a big thank you to everyone who was there your all a great bunch of people and i am looking forward to seeing you all again." Simon Pike.

"Enormous thanks to Robb and Angus for organising what has been the highlight of my off road "career". So, we got a weekend I shall never forget, and invite to Croatia, made new friends, put names to faces, drank and were merry, laned in the big country, broke stuff and mended it, drove 405 miles and confirmed that Robb and Andy are utter nutters. The sight of that Merc 4x4 charging up the hill in the darkeness was something else. Thanks to you all for making this the highlight of 13 months of Rangie ownership." Jim.

"Trip was great, you handled it very well. There was no doubt in our minds at anytime, that you would risk the vehicles or us!!" Jacky & David Valentine.

"Both Heather and I had an excellent time. The tour was expertly planned and we couldn’t have had a better time doing anything else. We're looking at coming on the Arctic Russia tour next year, keep a space for us." Regards, Greg & Heather.