EXPEDITION TROPHY : 23rd February 2013 - 15 days


If 15,800km across Russia from Murmansk to Vladivostok doesn't seem tough enough, this immense expedition does it in the middle of winter!! Not for the faint hearted, this is a true challenge! More details here! xxx


CROATIA IN SUMMER : 13th August 2013 - 10 days


Croatia, it seems, was designed especially with the discerning off-roader in mind. In 10 days there really is just about everything you could hope for. xxx


ENDS OF THE EARTH EXPEDITION : Arctic Russia 7th August 2013 - 11 days

Imagine off-roading north of the Arctic Circle along the coast of the White Sea, even IN the sea, 9 days of trails through unbroken forests, crawling up barren mountains and digging our way through the snow. 9 days Full board!      



Be Prepared :

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