Pre-trip preparation

A little forethought and pre-planning will help to make your trip go a lot smoother. Take a look at our check list to see if there is anything you might have overlooked.

Personal Preparation

PASSPORT For all of our international tours everyone needs a valid passport. If you haven’t already got one this should be the first thing on your list. You need to get the forms from your local Post Office who will also explain the rest of the procedure to you. More information can also be found at

VISAS For Croatia EU nationals don't need a visa, but for Russia everyone does. The process might look a little daunting at first, but we'll give you the invitation and get you registered once you are in Russia. All you need to do is fill in the form and send it to the embassy. We'll even help you fill in the form! More details on the Arctic Russia tour page.

TRAVEL INSURANCE You will a need European health insurance policy for travelling abroad. The E111 form is not adequate. We've found that some companies will have no issues about insuring you for an off-roading holiday abroad, but others might have restrictions and some will not insure you at all, especially if the off-roading is the main intention of the holiday. Technically though, as spectacular as some of the photos look, World 4x4 Adventures run driving holidays as all the trails we drive are classified as roads, equivalent to RUPPs and BOATs etc, even in the Arctic. There are a few optional extreme trails that are attempted at your own risk, but we'll never insist that you drive somewhere you are not fully happy to.

INOCULATIONS To see what inoculations you will need for the countries you intend to visit either contact your local doctor’s surgery or try this link. You should also check with your doctor that you are up to date with your previous inoculations as some need booster injections at different intervals.

CLOTHING Some of our tours will take place in some potentially extreme conditions, so make sure that you have the right clothing for the expected conditions. You will find more details on the individual tour pages.


Preparing your vehicle

CAR INSURANCE Obviously you already have a car insurance policy, but you'll need to tell them that you are driving through Europe. Again, the tours, technically, should be classified as non-competitive driving holidays. Croatia is considered a Category 2 country which means that a UK policy automatically covers you in Croatia, although some insurance companies might try and persuade you that this is not the case so that you take out extra cover. No insurance cover issued in Europe will stretch to Russia though so you'll need to buy insurance at the border for approximately 40, but arranging this cover is included in the price of the Arctic Russia tour.

PREPARATION No major modifications are needed for you vehicle, all we ask if that it is fitted with recovery points at the front AND rear and has at least All Terrain tyres, if not Mud Terrains. A winch is not a necessary piece of equipment but a snorkel for the Arctic Russia tour is highly recommended so that you can tackle the river crossings with more confidence.

SERVICE The single most important factor for any tours is having a well-maintained and reliable vehicle. Both long-distance driving and off-roading are considered hard driving conditions for your vehicle which is why we strongly recommend that you schedule your vehicle in for a comprehensive service before you leave.

BREAKDOWN COVER Consider taking out a European wide breakdown assistance policy. It is a long way to push your car back home!!

EUROPEAN RULES Driving laws on the continent differ slightly from our own. Your vehicle must, by law, be equipped with a warning triangle, a first aid kit and a small fire extinguisher. You must also fit light deflectors to your headlamps. Ignorance of the law is no defence.



EQUIPMENT Apart from the items required by law to drive in mainland Europe, as mentioned above, we also request that you bring your own tow-rope and shackles. A tool kit, comprehensive enough to enable you to carry out emergency repairs and a few basic spares is also a must have. Other things such as a torch, a pen knife, disposable lighters, waterproof clothes and spare blankets will be very handy. For Arctic Russia, if you have a small tank or a thirsty engine a couple Jerry cans are also needed because of the distance we travel between fuel stops.
If your vehicle uses a specialised grade of oil it might be a good idea to take an extra supply as it might not be readily available where we are going.
A tent and basic camping equipment to make camping a possibility should we get delayed in the wilderness.

PAPERWORK, Make sure that you take these essential documents with you and check this list carefully:
•Passport, (with visa if necessary)
•Travel insurance documents and car insurance certificate.
•Vehicle registration papers (log book or V5).
•International driving permit (£4 from large Post Offices).
•A current MOT certificate.
For Russia, if the vehicle your are driving is not registered in your name, you need to carry a letter of consent from the owner with their address (same as on log book) and signature.

Tip: Photocopy all these documents twice before you leave. Leave one copy with a friend who has access to a fax machine, take the other set with you but keep another in a separate place to your originals.