Croatia in Summer - 13th - 22nd August 2013

Join us in the off-roading paradise that is Croatia! This fully guided 10 day tour is full of contrasts from dense forests, muddy trails up misty mountains to rocky switch-back tracks on a Roman road over a high pass and then down to the azure coast ... through a live mine field ... !

Croatia is a small yet wonderfully diverse country with the rugged Adriatic coastline, high mountains, dense pine forests and fertile valleys, all with their individual regional culture, with their own distinct geography, food, architecture and agriculture. Every day will be completely different from the next and you will get a true insight into the country, it's culture and it's people.

To get an idea of what to expect and to see that most of the routes are suitable for a standard vehicle, please have a look at the past tours page.


An itinerary is available on request but we pride ourselves on being relaxed and flexible, so the route can be tailored on a day to day basis to suit what the group wants. All the trails from A to B will be non damaging, but some are slightly overgrown as our vehicles are a little wider than the donkeys that normally use some of the trails we will be driving, so expect some issues with your paintwork, but nothing an afternoon with a can of T-cut won't sort out. Everything will be suitable for a standard 4x4 on All Terrain tyres. But to satisfy the hardened off-roaders who want some adrenalin in their veins, a few of the 'optional' trails we do are just that; optional. For example the 'Waterfall' a 1-in-1 descent down a steep gully over large rocks and logs ... 1.2km took us nearly 7 hours last time...

8 of the 10 days will be off-roading. One day will be on the beach near a medieval town and the last day we will visit a wine shop where you can bottle and label your own wine, a hot spring to get the mud out of your skin, plenty of time for ice-creams and then a final meal in an ancient city on the coast...

Essential Equipment

We don’t have a long list of must haves to bring on the tour, just a few common sense things necessary for safe off-roading.
Firstly, your vehicle should be fitted with All Terrain tyres as a minimum. Please do not turn up at the Meeting Point on road tyres, expecting to be able to drive everywhere.
You need recovery points attached to both the front and rear of your vehicle and, you should at least carry your own tow-rope and shackles.
Because a couple of trails are dusty, please bring a spare air filter with you.
Please bring a basic spares and tool kit with you for those little repairs.
Winches, reinforced jacking points, bull bars and mud tyres are not necessary a requirement on this tour.
For driving on the continent, by law you must carry a valid first aid kit, a warning triangle and a small fire extinguisher in your vehicle.
This really is all you need, we don’t have a huge list of parts and spares worth more than the cost of the tour for you to collect. Just be sensible about what you need and what you want to take.


We also recommend

Both long-distance driving and off-roading are considered hard driving conditions for your vehicle so we recommend that you give your vehicle a comprehensive service before you leave.
If your vehicle is not in tip top condition 10 days of off-roading is not going to make it any better, so you should seriously consider what spares you might need as parts might not be readily available in Croatia.
As for all off-roading, some sort of sump and steering protection is recommended as we will be driving on unchecked virgin trails and your steering bars and axle casings were never intended to be used as ploughs, although the World 4x4 lead vehicle will be going first, so if there is an unseen obstacle in the way it should have been found before you get there, but this is only a recommendation.
CB Radios are handy on the move communication, but a base unit is around £80 to £100, so if you don’t want one you don’t strictly need one.


£595 per vehicle with up to four people.
Price doesn't include fuel, ferries, accommodation, food or insurances.

Thinking of booking a place on this tour? What to do….

Look through the Past Tours gallery. The photos are in order and these will be the trails you can expect to do yourself.
Ask as many questions as you like. Really, anything you what to know about the tour, I have even had people ask me what colour car is the best for off-roading!!
I have a rough itinerary of the tour you can have on request or when you book, so you can see the route that the tour will take.
I reserve all the accommodation for you a few weeks in advance, so there is no looking for places to stay upon arrival in a village. I prefer private family run places and campsites, but can arrange anything you like, you don’t have to do what the rest of the group are doing.
Then, when everything is answered, just send us a cheque for £120 per vehicle, or the full payment and you will have you place guaranteed.
You will need to make your own way through Europe, but it’s an easy drive. Head for Zagreb, cross the friendly border and the map / directions / GPS points I give you will get you to the meeting point 5 miles from the border crossing. The first night before the tour is in a nice hotel / lodge in the National Park and the tour starts on the Tuesday morning after a nice leisurely breakfast.

Before you book, please look at our Disclaimer and Preparation pages to see what our prices do and do not include and what preparation is necessary for you and your vehicle.